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Janina Dental Lab was opened for business in 1978 and has over 30 years of combined European and American experience, and ever since has been proviind its customers with timely, excellent service and highest quality dental work at very competitive prices. The lab staff consists of 9 highly qualified dental technicians who continuously improve their skills by attending various short courses. the laboratory is equipped with sophisticated dental equipment, and all materials used in the process are, without exception, approved by ADA.

The owner, Yanik Milman, finished a three year Professional Dental Technician School in the former Soviet Union from 1978-1981, by studying a complete dental program. The program consisted of Removables, Orthodontics, and Fixable Restorations. He has been working in Janina Dental Lab since 1994 as a dental lab technician.

After 10 years of American experience he began to formulate ideas to improve logistics and efficiencies which motivated him to become the owner of Janina Dental Lab.

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Hollywood Dental Lab - Janina Dental Laboratory
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